• What exactly is your "personality"?

    How to become more outstanding in this world where we have artificial intelligence, smart appliances and fierce competition?

    How to find your passion and purpose and feel fulfilled?


    We provide you a playground where you can participate in diverse social innovation projects and activities or initiate your own.

    ( Projects incubation+project-based learning)

    We help you to discover and exploit your multifold talent and leadership skills.

    While having fun and doing meaningful things you will create positive impact.

    Increase your resilience to cope with future changes.

    Become more competent on the international stage and transform into a global changemaker and slash!

  • Spiral Method

    Cultivate Social Entrepreneurs


    Systems Thinking 、Integrative Thinking and Creativity


    Project-based and Vision-based Learning


    Social Entrepreneurship Projects Incubation

    Consider environmental impact, economic impact and social impact holistically

  • Social Innovation Projects

    Creative、fun and meaningful programs

    Join a project team

    Upbeing Social Impact Seeds

    We have prepared a variety of social innovation projects for you. We are dedicated to help you to find the right fit based on your interests and talent. Provide a diverse network of mentors, experienced facilitators and cooperate with the social innovation enterprises and institutions.

    Project period : 3- 6 months (4-5 hours each week)

    Who can join: middle school and high school students

    Initiate a Project

    Upbeing Social Innovation Leaders

    You already have an idea and would like to implement it but you don't know how?
    You already thought about a social project but don't know where to start?

    Did you know that everybody has the ability to establish a project、club,even NGO or social enterprise?

    Do not go further for the answers, just let our experienced Chinese and foreign facilitators and mentors guide you and provide you the suitable soil to plant your seeds and offer tools to hatch and grow your project. We take you from zero to hero.

    Project period : 3- 6 months (4-5 hours each week)

    Who can join: middle school and high school students

    Upbeing United-Actions Academy

    Where you can embrace an unique vacation

    A different 1-2 weeks program: bootcamp plus follow-up project

    At the Upbeing United- Actions Academy you will not only learn how to build an impactful community, improve your collaborating skills by working together with diverse cultural background people, experience the power of creation but also help a local communities by solving a social and environmental problem through the follow-up projects. You will continue to acquire knowledge, improve your skills and develop action oriented mindset, interact with experts in the specific field.

    Project period : 1 week Bootcamp + 3months follow up Projects (4-5 hours each week)

    Who can join: middle school and high school students

  • What will you get if you join our programs?


    Under the holistic perspective , student X explores the coffee he is interested in, reach out to more mixed age groups and excellent social mentors, etc., this is how student X can create a positive social impact.


    Due to our customers and users information confidentiality we can't share concrete info. If you want to learn more about and cases, please contact us directly! Thank you for your understanding!


    Creative、Fun and Meaningful Activities

    Join an activity team

    Come and be our project manager, according to your own talents and interests participate in the creative, fun and meaningful activities, experience the real life and career, etc.

    Initiate a Project

    Village activities(replicable)

    Trash Transformer | 升级回收工作坊 

    Come and be our project manager, according to your own talents and interests lead the creative, fun and meaningful activities with the guidance of excellent social mentors, experience the real life and career, etc.

  • Experienced and Dynamic Social Mentors

    Life influences life
    Upbeing consultants are all experts who come from diverse set of fields. We identify the consultant that is the best fit for a student based on their backgrounds, experience, area of expertise and the nature of the project. We also invite additional experts to join us according to the program requirements

    Jia Cheng Yan

    Master's in eco design and related technology

    Jia Cheng Yan is a sustainable permaculture design teacher, with a Master’s in architecture and research in urban and rural areas from National Taiwan University. He is currently a researcher at the Social Engagement Center at National Dong Hwa University. Jia Cheng Yan has participated in urban and rural planning and community work for many years, with long-term involvement in rural industrial development and transformation, and has joined a number of rural ecological restoration plans. Since 2016 he has worked on the ecological restoration of the Himalayas on invitation from the International Nature Restoration Action Association (INRAA).

    Sun Hai Yan

    A mobile think tank of green economy

    Hai Yan is one of the founders of Business Ecology, China’s first magazine to focus on sustainability and green business. She is a graduate of the Baltic Business School at Kalmar University in Sweden with an MS, and from the School of Economics at Fudan University in China with a BA. She focuses primarily on the areas of innovation, sustainability and regional reporting. She is a published author with the book The Age of Green Gold. Hai Yan is also a Ginkgo Fellow of the Ginkgo Foundation.

    Prasad shetty

    Cross-border expert in the entertainment industry

    Prasad Shetty has been working in the education and entertainment industry for more than 10 years. He has conducted several workshops for high-level multinational government officials and CEOs as a certified UN trainer. Originally from India, Prasad has worked in Europe and China where he has gained considerable expertise in strategic planning, marketing and finance. His passion for film inspired him to co-found the Peacock Mountain Culture and Media Ltd. Co., where he is responsible for implementing China-India joint cultural projects and starting co-productions. Prasad has co-produced a number of films and imported various productions including Baahubali and PK.

    Wen Fang

    Art can change the world

    Independent artist with a degree from L’ENS Louis-Lumière Department of photography in Paris. She has been always passionate being engaged with common people to create artworks, use art as a medium to abolish all kinds of antithesis and strive to resolve the contradictions.
    In last 10 years her artworks were exhibited in various countries such as France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, South Korea, Japan; and the famous LVMH group, the French Renault endowment for the arts, France's Leeds OBC institutions and big multinational banks became collectors of her art pieces. She has launched the UN climate conference "Maskbook" campaign

  • Cross-border and Innovative Facilitators

    Good at coordination, management and integration

    Qiuling Wu

    Founder of Upbeing, participated in various eco community projects since 2012, and has the certificate of Permaculture sustainable design. She has many years of working experience in social enterprise and NGO world, joined and held many international exchange programs, and access to leadership trainings from Canadians and American influencers.

    She is the alumni of American Express Academy and member of IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. She also has multi project experience on Industrial design, independent film festivals, tea Taoism workshops, ecological construction, charity concert, Waldorf education, organic farm, etc.

    Ellen Li

    A self-taught UI designer, front-end developer, advocate the education concept of learning by doing , want to help more kids to develop their talents .


    Part of the operating profit will go into our NGO partner UpSociety, which committed to ecological community construction in the urban and rural areas, especially the developing and remote villages.


    UpSociety(NGO) incubates and accelerates social and environmental projects of local people , especially youth; and aims to build sustainable eco-communities. It also provides financial aid to youth and disadvantaged groups in a form of eco-community fund or loan in order to implement the projects and offer strong support for the communitie.


    Example: 半工半X的生态村推动之旅


    At Upbeing we generate and scale up action in social innovation areas to accelerate progress towards a sustainable and fun society where we advocate achieving human's full potential.

    VISION: We generate and scale up action in social innovation areas to accelerate progress towards a sustainable and fun society where permitting the full realisation of human potential.
    MISSION: Empower students through social innovation, cultivate sustainability and doer mindset and create positive social impact.
    CORE VALUE: Take care of the Earth, take care of mankind, share the extra, and control consumption.

    If you have any questions or idea of cooperation, or want to obtain experience lessons, contact us!